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Event Creation Guide

Event Host: Please enter your first and last name.
Event Email: The email address entered here will be your username for signing in once your event has been reviewed and accepted.
Event Name: Name your event (this can be altered later).
Start Date & Time: When does your event begin?
End Date & Time: When does your event end?
Total Capacity: What is the total capacity for the venue where the event is being held? (This can be altered later).
Description: Describe your event. (Once your event has been accepted, customers will be able to read this  it can also be altered later).
Event Flyer: You may upload an event flyer here, which will be seen by customers on the event page once your event has been accepted. This is not required during initial submission/creation.
Venue Name: What is the name of the Venue? Please feel free to include any well-known nicknames after the formal name (i.e. Venue Name (Venue nickname) and so on).
Address & City: The venue’s address.
State/Province: If not applicable please enter “N/A.”
Postal/Zip: If not applicable please enter “00000.”

Event Ticket Information
Ticket Name: This will be the name of the ticket.
Ticket Price: How much the ticket costs.
Available Quantity: How many of this specific type of ticket are available – keep the venue’s capacity in mind when creating this number (it’s usually best to simply match the capacity).
Add Another: You may make as many ticket types during submission as you’d like. All of this can be altered later.

Note: Upon submission your event goes up for review. If your event is accepted you’ll receive an email with login credentials that’ll allow you to login and customize your event further.

Host Information

Event Information

Event Ticket Information

Ticket Name
Available Quantity
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